Friday, June 29, 2018

Healthcheck for CloverETL server

In modern cloud oriented world there is a need for periodical healthchecks of servers or services. Let's imagine that you have CloverETL server deployed on AWS and you need to know that your host machine, application container and CloverETL server is running.

AWS has you covered for first 2 points with healthchecks on load balancer .

This might not cover edge cases when your host machine and application container (it might be Tomcat or any other supported application containers) are running, but CloverETL server is not.

There are multiple ways how to check health or "liveness" (if thats even a word).

Use HTTP API call

CloverETL server supports HTTP api for multiple operations, you are interested in 'cluster_status' .
Please ignore name, same operation will work on cluster or even on single installation.

You can use health check functionality of load balancer to ping that endpoint to get status. 

Disadvantage of this approach is that by default HTTP API is protected by HTTP Basic authentication , what might be a problem for some health check services.

Calling accessibility page

CloverETL server has page that could be used without any authentication.

Calling this page will result in one of 3 states:
  1. OK/200
  2. 500 
  3. 503
This way you can use any health check application or service to learn if your CloverETL is living.


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