Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CloverETL Releases Version 4.7.0.M1

Version 4.7 Milestone release is all about this new feature called a Data Service. Unfortunately, you don't have access to the new data service unless you have already purchased a CloverETL Server or Cluster (or are planning to). Let's talk about what exactly the data service is...

The developers have given end users the ability to expose any graph as a REST API endpoint so users can create smarter applications. The REST service will allow you to process data, perform business logic, or create custom transformations at runtime and expose the result set to your application.

When I think about this service, it's truly amazing. Let's take Salesforce as an example. If you want to get fancy, you can create a force.com application for Salesforce that's built using Apex (a proprietary Java-like programming language). Let's say you would like to integrate your customer support tickets with the Salesforce accounts, but don't want to store that information in Salesforce (because, well it costs money). So, you can create a force.com application within Salesforce, expose a CloverETL graph as a REST API that will go to your customer support portal, get the latest tickets from the account in Salesforce where the request was made, and display all of the tickets for the customer on-demand! That is just one example of where the data service would be relevant.

There are a number of other use cases that I would be happy to share of where the Data Service could be relevant. Think big: IoT, Edge Computing, iPaaS.

One other improvements from this release:
-Graphs and jobflows are now automatically validated immediately after a change is made in your designer. If you have ever executed a graph and received an error, you know that the error symbol always remained on the component until you actually saved your graph again to reset the state. That has been improved.

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