Wednesday, June 22, 2016

CloverETL - Data Partitioning with speed

CloverETL has released a new feature in their latest 4.2.x release that will improve your performance exponentially! Take a look at the video here: CloverETL video - Data Partitioning

This new improvement makes it much easier to partition data and process in parallel with a simplified solution.

Take a look at the solution below with how you would have to handle data partitioning on your own:

And with the latest CloverETL release:

Benefits of this include:

1. Easier Maintainability - Only have to make the change in one location versus the number of partitioned data flows. 

2. Performance - By allowing CloverETL to partition your data and process in parallel, your performance will improve drastically. Based on the above example, I cut my processing time down by 75%!! 

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